This morning I spotted David Guest (yet again); this time at Kensington Whole Foods Market. I was buying a mango smoothie, he was pondering an organic croissant.

Belated spot...Linda Hamilton,,,yes Sarah Connor herself walking along Seven Dials. I dreamt of having her physique in T2...a few more gym sessions and who knows.....ok maybe a lot more gym sessions....ok ok it's never going to happen..i'll get over it one day.


Is that the lamest blog title? Answers on a postcard please.

So you can probably guess what I want to blog about today. The switching on of the LHC in CERN, Switzerland this morning. An event of such importance that Google have changed its logo to commemorate the day.

So far it has not created the black hole that some feared it would, unless the experience of being in a black hole is exactly the same as wandering aimlessly around M&S trying to choose my lunch for eternity. 

Those who know me should not be surprised that I was a tad worried. A childhood spent watching and reading apocalpytic fiction has led me to think about such things. For example I have a printed t shirt with the words 'Sometimes I Worry About Zombies' emblazoned across the front....and the truth is sometimes I do worry about zombies..I can't help it.

Anyway I fears were allayed somewhat after reading that Stephen Hawking was not at all worried..(about the black hole, not zombies...not sure if he worries about those) thanks Steve!

Collider update: apparently the machine hasn't started producing sub-atomic collisions yet, which are supposedly needed to create black holes....I've got my t-shirt printing equipment out as we speak.

Mother Moss

It was brought to my attention recently that I haven't written an entry for a while so I thought I would delight everyone with a Moss contribution as I know how much you love them.

So our Kate is on the cover of August's  US Vogue....not as good as the UK one, I know but you have to take what you can. Unfortuately she manages to look awful.....sporting a 'sack with a twist' number and makeup that seems to age her by years (ironic seeing as this is the 'ageless' issue)....ok you don't believe me?...take a look for yourself:

In a 'rare' interview she spouts a classic Kate line:
"She speaks with the husky tones of a girl from Croydon who has smoked Marlboro Lights since she was fourteen. When asked if she has any intention of quitting, she replies, "No, because it's who I am. I don't want to create a phony facade. I think I just have to be myself; otherwise, I'd be a paranoid mess.""

Isn't she great!

Me and the Metacritic

So a lovely young man pointed me to a film review website,, which compiles film and other reviews into a handy colour coding system. Green for 'hey check it out you know you want to'; yellow 'hmmm, maybe if you don't have anything better to do' and red 'no, don't even go there'.

Ok, great so far ...I can just look at the green list of films and watch, safe in the knowledge that everything will be just fine (note to said lovely young i know why you were watching that film the other night).

I thought i'd check out the all time best and worst scored films. Top film 'The Godfather'...not really a surprise there...'Secrets and Lies' at number 33...brilliant!.
Now the worst....a lot of Adam Sandler...again no surprise...but...wait...scrolling down the list at number 9 is 'Baby Geniuses' ...ok 'Cocktail' at number 38 I can just about understand..hey we were all going through that I love Tom phase right?....but this film .....i mean for goodness sake Christopher Lloyd is in it.....and not only that 'Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2' is at number 18!....Look be logical about this...if the first film was that awful why make another one?....You know i am right....genius babies with a secret language being exploited by two doctors hell bent on world domination is a story that must be told....I bet you want to go and rent it now...well go now...hurry!

Kate vs. the Chapman Brothers

Oh it is a glorious day when some of your favourite things collide namely the lovely Kate (of course); my lingerie designers of choice: Agent Provocateur and my favourite British artists,Jake and Dinos Chapman (acting as vicars in this instance).

They all appear in a six-part experimental film series by the photographer and music video director Nick Knight, to launch the new bridal range from lingerie company Agent Provocateur. And, oh wow,  it is something to behold. I know I can be flippant about the Moss but this is actually pretty great (although maybe not something to watch at your workplace...or it may be the perfect place..hmmm).

Also check out the AP site too.

Happy viewing!

Vogue Schmouge

Congratulations to the Vogue team in your most tedious edition ever (May UK edition)......"Bohemian glamour returns"...come on you can do better than that.

There wasn't even much to laugh at which is really why I read it. Although the article where two Vogue contributors write an alcohol diary was slightly amusing.....After a heady night on a couple of glasses of red wine Fiona Golfar muses, "I don't think I did anything too stupid last night. Did I invite Stephen Frears to dinner?"....oh Fiona darling you speak for UK binge drinkers everywhere and I think Stephen secretly loves it.

Tune of the week: DVNO by Justice